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Yes, FlockStars! We can count your Facebook fundraising dollars towards your fundraising goals! Simply create a fundraiser benefiting our foundation, Pledge the Pink Foundation, and ask your flock to support your efforts to raise money for the cause!

To receive credit for your Facebook fundraiser, you MUST screenshot your total amount raised and send it to fundraising@pledgethepink.com OR bring it with you in October. No exceptions!

Not sure how to create a fundraiser on Facebook? It’s easier than you think! Here’s how:

Step 1: Go to www.facebook.com/fundraisers/
Step 2: Click Raise Money

Step 3: Select the option to raise money for a Nonprofit
Step 4: Type in Pledge the Pink, then click the record that appears (Note: If you can’t find us under Pledge the Pink, you can use Carolina Cups!)
Step 5: Enter your goal and fundraiser end date. Click Next
Step 6: Give your fundraiser a title and a description. Be creative and get specific here. Let your flock know how much this cause means to you and why! Click Next
Step 7: Select or upload a photo! (Need photo ideas? Feel free to use one from our Gallery!)
Step 8: Click Create and voila! You’ve just set up a Facebook fundraiser!
Step 9: Wait for the moolah to roll in
Step 10: At the end of your fundraiser, you MUST enter the total as an offline donation and submit a screenshot of your Facebook fundraising total to fundraising@pledgethepink.com to get credit for your Facebook fundraising efforts!

The last day to fundraise towards prize totals is October 15th. No exceptions. Be sure to get your donations, checks, and Facebook fundraising verifications to us before that date to have all of your efforts included in your prize totals!

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3 thoughts on “Fundraising with Facebook!”

  1. I cannot find Pledge the Pink in the facebook fundraiser page – I can only get The Pink Frog Foundation. What am I doing wrong?

    1. Hi there! Until the IRS issues the formal change to Pledge the Pink Foundation, we are currently listed under Carolina Cups!

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